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Cowichan Hospice House Q & A Part 10:

Q: How do I access care for someone with a life threatening illness?   A: Family physicians normally continue to provide care for their patients throughout their lives. They can refer patients to the following services:   – Palliative Benefits program, which covers the cost of medication, equipment and home care. – Home Care Nursing program – Palliative Pain and Symptom Management Clinic, lead by the palliative specialist physician. – Cowichan...

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Cowichan Hospice House Q & A Part 9

Q. Will the office at 3122 Gibbins Road close when Cowichan Hospice House opens?   A: No, 3122 Gibbins Road will remain the Cowichan Hospice Palliative Support and Bereavement Care Centre, from which staff and trained volunteers will continue providing support to people in their own homes, in residential care, in hospital or in the hospice office, as well as in the new hospice house.   Every week we will be posting a new Q&A regarding the Cowichan Hospice House and we...

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Cowichan Hospice House Q&A Part 8

Q: Aren’t there hospice beds at Cowichan Hospice at 3122 Gibbins Road?   A: No.   Q: What services does Cowichan Hospice currently offer?   A: Cowichan Hospice offers: Counselling and skilled volunteer support for people living with life-threatening illness and for their family members Support groups and individual support for people grieving the death of a loved one Wellness Care: Therapeutic Touch, Reiki and other relaxing treatments in clinic and private settings for...

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Cowichan Hospice EHouse Q&A Part 7

Q: $10 million dollars seems like a lot to build a 10 bed hospice. What goes into this cost?   A: The fundraising goal for Cowichan Hospice House is $10 million. This includes $8.7 to build and completely equip it. We will raise an additional $1 million to ensure the provision of psycho-social care for patients and their family members over the first 5 years of operations. This will cover the costs for Cowichan Hospice staff and volunteers to provide the practical,...

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Cowichan Hospice House Q&A Part 6

Q: How many patients will Cowichan Hospice House care for? A: Cowichan Hospice House will accommodate seven patients when it opens, with capacity for three additional patients. Chemainus Health Centre will continue to provide one hospice bed. Q: What role will Cowichan Hospice play in Cowichan Hospice House? A. Cowichan Hospice staff and volunteers will support whole-person care with emotional and practical support for patients and their families. Every Wednesday we will be...

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Cowichan Hospice House Q&A Part 5

Q: How will Cowichan Hospice House be funded?   A: Cowichan Hospice, with the help of our community, will raise the $10 million needed to build the facility and to ensure ongoing, excellent whole-person care for those who are dying, and for their families. In communities across the western world, hospice facilities are built by the community.   Island Health is providing the land, will fund the medical care, as well as facility operating costs such as food, laundry,repair...

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Cowichan Hospice House Q&A Part 4

Q: What will Cowichan Hospice House be like? A: Cowichan Hospice House will provide excellent medical and whole person care and will welcome and support family members. It will provide access to the outdoors, have comfortable, home-like spaces and places for children to play. It will accommodate family members and pets, support cultural and spiritual practices and be accessible and welcoming to all. Every Wednesday we will be posting a new Q&A regarding the Cowichan...

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